Byron and the Chairs

Dealing with sibling jealousy . . . and other little monsters who come into children’s lives.

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Parents, teachers, counsellors—here is the ideal resource for creating conversations with younger children about sibling jealousy …and other emotional monsters who come into our lives!

Byron has a new baby brother called Max. And Byron has a problem: because Max isn’t the only new addition to the household. A little green, beady-eyed monster has also moved in—a little monster called ‘Jealousy’.

When Byron outgrows his favourite yellow chair, things go seriously downhill for our young hero. Mum has bought a new chair for Byron—a blue chair for big kids. But changing chairs means Byron has to give up the yellow chair for Max. And Jealousy’s not having any of that!

This lively story follows Byron as he develops the strengths he needs to put Jealousy firmly in its place. Created by Sydney-based psychologist Rebecca Sng, the story draws on narrative therapy techniques to demonstrate how jealousy can be talked about in ways that avoid attributing blame or criticism.

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Published by Innovative Resources, 2008
ISBN: 978 1 920945 26 8
Author: Rebecca Sng
Illustrator: Simon Greiner
Design: Jacqui Lynch
Paperback, 200mm x 180mm, 32 pages