I See You

A miniature picture book for exploring feelings of depression and anxiety.

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This miniature picture book, by Queensland author Gayle Crisp, presents a simple story about feelings of depression and anxiety. It is also a story about the gift of seeing ourselves and each other.

I See You explores the perception of being alone, and the illusion and reality of our fears, suggesting that there is hope and clarity to be found in the acceptance of the fears, anxieties or depressions that haunt us. Developed from Gayle Crisp’s own self-explorations using collage art techniques, I See You is a resource both for those grappling with anxiety and depression, and for creative arts therapists seeking examples of creative work to use with their own clients.

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Published by Innovative Resources, 2011
ISBN: 978 1 920945 55 8
Softcover, 150mm x 105mm, 36 pages
Author and illustrator: Gayle Crisp

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Stories and Reviews

‘In the mailbag,’ SOON, Issue 71, October 2014

99 copies of Violet’s Voice. 99 copies of I See You. This was the unusual order we received from Intereach in June this year. What did they want with 99 copies of each of Innovative Resources’ miniature picture books, we wondered? Angela Hahn, Intereach’s Program Manager was kind enough to explain…

‘The order was actually for myself and my team. I have used these little books from time to time with great success. The books are for both carers and for people who have a mental illness. I have also used these books for people who are victims of domestic violence.

Intereach is a not-for-profit, community-based organisation that provides services to regional, rural and remote communities throughout New South Wales. The program I manage runs across the Riverina/Murray areas and we work in communities of 5000 people or less.

We work with people who care for someone with a mental health illness, but, more times than not, we end up working with the person who has the mental health illness. My staff are spread across the entire Riverina/Murray region, and in order to give each office a sufficient number of copies I needed to order a large quantity of books.

Unfortunately, after I had received the books, we found out that the program will not be funded past December 2014. But if the books are not used up by this date, they will definitely be used in a number of other Intereach programs. These little books have contributed to great outcomes for clients.’