Baby Strengths

Understanding baby behaviours, nurturing healthy bonds

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Caring for a baby or toddler can be fun, surprising, challenging, exhausting… the best and most difficult thing you have ever done!

Bonding or ‘secure attachment’ between a baby and mother or primary caregiver is an essential ingredient in every baby’s development. Recognising the strengths in your baby’s behaviour is central to creating healthy bonds.

Sometimes parents struggle to interpret or value the behaviour of babies or toddlers: what to an adult may be ‘making a mess’ is baby’s way of learning about the world through play. Baby Strengths is a set of 25 delightfully-illustrated cards for recognising baby strengths, understanding baby cues, nurturing connections with baby, building solid foundations for baby development.

Baby Strengths can be used to build dynamic conversations with: mothers, fathers and grandparents, childcare and family workers, parenting educators, health professionals …and anyone who cares for babies and parents.

Published by Innovative Resources, 2010.
25 full-colour cards, 147mm x 105mm
Presented in a polypropylene box with a 36-page booklet
Written and illustrated by Jan Player
Designed by Mat Jones

ISBN: 9 781 920945 473

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Stories and Reviews

‘I think the Baby Strengths cards are fantastic and I will use these for new mothers’ groups—a lot of the parents are so lost in the mire of crying, feeding and nappy changes they forget or don’t recognise the small, nice things that babies give back in return. These cards will illustrate this nicely.’

– Email from a Maternal & Child Health Nurse