Growing Well App

Ways of noticing our emotional and mental wellbeing

A simple scaling tool built around 50 key indicators for mental health and balance.


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**Please note- The Growing Well app is charged at $9.99 per month.**

Growing Well is a simple, versatile web-based app for assessing up to 50 aspects of our mental health and wellbeing. Using the universally-understood technique of scaling, this tool belongs in the hands of every mental health professional, social worker, counsellor, psychologist, and others who support young people or adults.
Growing Well is not only a Mental State Examination (MSE) tool for professionals—it is also a self-assessment tool. Empowering people to actively engage with their own mental health is one of this app’s greatest strengths. Arising out of evidence-based research, the Growing Well app is built around five key indicators of mental health: Being Organised, Being Satisfied, Being Healthy, Being Connected and Being Active. This app also incorporates the renowned ‘Five-Column’ technique from strengths-based practice.

• Use on computers, phones and tablets

• Type name, date and reference number (optional)

• Consider 5 domains of mental health: Being Organised;
Satisfied; Healthy; Connected; & Active

• Explore each domain further using 10 simple
statements—that’s 50 aspects of our lives we can
assess for mental wellbeing.

• Slide the scaling tool from 1-10 to rate how you
are doing

• Use the ‘Five-Column’ technique to describe:
The Issue; Future Picture; Strengths/Resources/
Exceptions; Constraints; & Next Steps.

• Record your comments in the text box under
each heading

• Capture snapshots of the conversation by
saving as a PDF anytime

• Share, print or clear the record anytime

• Attach PDF and send via email

• Save as a PDF directly into service folders
and records.

Published by Innovative Resources, 2006
ISBN: 978-1-920945-14-5

50 full-colour digital cards and booklet.
Booklet author: Russell Deal
Designer: Tim Lane