The Scaling Kit (Web-based App)

Web-based scaling tool for computers, tablets and phones

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Product Code: D2500

**Please note- The Scaling Kit app is charged at $9.99 per month.**

Here is a simple, versatile and highly visual tool for measuring change and noticing progress. These ten interactive scaling masters are especially for those who work with others in a supportive or therapeutic way.

The Scaling Kit a great tool for having conversations about how something or someone is going—a project, a job, a timeline, a community event, a team, a family, a person’s energy levels and wellbeing—or anything else that is helpful to measure or evaluate.

  • Use on computers, phones and tablets.
  • Type the name of a person (or project), the date and key parts of the conversation using the notes page. This is where you can record strengths, insights, goals, plans, next steps, milestones, or any other comments you wish.  
  •  Draw simple shapes, symbols, pictures, numbers or write key words with the scribble tool. Use it to underline or circle things. Scribble directly on the scaling image (such as the ladder, pathway or pendulum), or anywhere around the image.
  • Use a range of colours with the scribble tool. Different colours can help enhance meaning or categorise information, for example, green could be steps to take tomorrow, blue for next week.
  • Save and print whenever you wish (if your device has a printer attached). Capture various ‘snapshots’ of the conversation by saving along the way.
  • Attach and send your files via email, or save directly into service folders and records.

This resource is a great tool for building motivation, resilience, self-awareness and self-evaluation. It has been created especially for counsellors, psychologists, therapists, teachers, trainers, managers, team leaders, mentors, life coaches, chaplains, health professionals, social workers and anyone who supports children, youth, families or communities.

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Web-based app with 10 scaling masters and enhanced interactivity.
Includes booklet (PDF) and App Information

(Requires internet access)