Online Workshop – New Year, New Normal: tools for supporting transitions and change in Secondary school

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How do you tell if a student is struggling or thriving?

The beginning of the school year is full of change and transitions, which can be scary and hard, or fun and exciting. Everyone responds differently.

This webinar aims to get you set for a great start to 2022. It’s designed to help you identify when students feel unheard and unseen, and support them as they face new situations, people and expectations.

We draw on a range of resources that help open up conversations around safety, friendships, change and uncertainty, that help you listen to and engage students.

We will cover:

  • acknowledging change – exploring new places, faces and routines
  • accepting the feelings – learning to accept the feelings that come with change and not deny them
  • step by step – what resources, tools and creative strategies we can use to support students?
  • expect unexpected emotions – even with the best laid plans and intentions, sometimes the unexpected happens, so how do we hold that space and what does that look like?
  • responsive, not reactive – bringing it all together to provide students with a safe space, consistency and certainty.

Begin the school year ready with tools and strategies for supporting students navigating a sea of change and transitions.

Resources used in the workshop:

Resources will include a range of the following: Anxiety Solutions, Choosing Strengths, Eating Disorders & Other Shadowy Companions, Rainbow Talk, Talking up our strengths, Deep Speak, Reflexions, Strength cards, Cars R Us and Next Steps


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Online workshop

Date: FEB 2022: Wed 16th

Time: 3.30pm to 5.30pm