Challenging Conversations and How to Handle Them – online workshop May 2024

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Product Code: OW6008
Facilitator: Alison Krusec


Have you had conversations that didn’t go the way you’d hoped?

Do you regularly encounter challenging situations where you have to choose your words carefully?

We would all like to think that we remain calm and rational when facing a challenging situation or conversation. But this isn’t always easy.

Challenging Conversations and How to Handle Them covers a range of strategies and tools you can use to both prepare for challenging conversations and handle those you weren’t expecting to have.


What to expect:

The workshop aims to build skills in handling challenging conversations. The format is collaborative and conversation-based, enabling participants to ask questions, learn from peers and develop their understanding and use of the resources. It explores:

  • a range of tools and strategies you can use to prepare for a potentially challenging conversation
  • how to increase the likelihood of more positive outcomes from a challenging conversation
  • building confidence in managing potentially tricky situations
  • in the moment strategies to draw on if you find yourself unexpectedly in a challenging conversation.


Suitable for:

Date: Thursday 23 MAY, 2024

Time: 12:30pm-3:00pm AEST