Views from the Verandah STICKERS

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Only a limited number of our original Views from the Verandah Stickers are still available. Use these bright and buoyant stickers wherever goals and lifestyle, ambitions and hopes are the focus.

  • For an icebreaker activity, invite everyone to choose a sticker and introduce themselves by talking about its significance for them.
  • Use the stickers as prompts for journalling. Choose a sticker as the theme for each new journal entry.
  • At the end of a counselling session, invite your client to choose a sticker relating to the discussion as a prompt for further reflection.

Perfect for talking about long and short term goals, the original Views from the Verandah Stickers are an ideal for adding another dimension to conversations about career planning, coaching and mentoring, evaluation, relationship counselling, and much more.

Published by Innovative Resources, 2011
5  complete sets on A4 backing sheets
A total of 300 stickers, each sticker 40mm x 40mm