Näkymiä Verannalta

The Finnish edition of Views from the Verandah

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Product Code: 3175

What began as a tool to help farmers talk about their long term plans is now a popular card set used for career guidance and relationship counselling, creative writing and goal setting—in Australia and in Finland!

Using the illustrations of the original Views from the Verandah cards designed by John Veekan, Näkymiä Verannalta has proved to be an accessible and versatile way of building conversations around what is important to us (our values) and where we want to get to in our lives (our visions of our future).

This card set includes 60 ‘values and visions’ cards that identify important aspects of our lives. There are also 8 ‘time frame’ cards and 6 ‘focus’ cards that suggest different metaphors for planning and goal setting.

Not everyone has an actual verandah or porch. But as we’ve discovered, it’s a metaphor that can be understood by people of all ages, across cultures, non-farmers and urban dwellers alike!

75 laminated, full-colour cards, 100mm x 100mm
2-part cardboard box, 32 page booklet
Booklet author: Russell Deal
Illustrator: John Veekan