The Wrong Stone JAPANESE Translation

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‘I want you to build me a wall with only perfect stones,’ the big architect said. 

All the stones tried to put their best faces forward. They hid their ugly bits. But there was one stone that didn’t seem to fit. He was the ‘Wrong Stone’ and all the others laughed at him. Was he destined for the crusher!?

This much-loved picture book features exquisite full-colour illustrations throughout. Enjoy the pebbly jokes and flinty drama of this heart-warming story, in which the Wrong Stone finds his special place in the world and everyone is valued.

Many of our customers have used The Wrong Stone in conjuction with the Pocket of Stones and the Stones …have feelings too! card set. It is an ideal picture book for children and adults to read together and can be used to open conversations with children about differerence, self-esteem and finding one’s niche in life.

Teachers, chaplains, school counsellors, welfare officers and social workers, here’s a book that every school library should have. Use this book in pastoral care, the counselling room or the classroom. Use it as the basis for games, group discussions, anti-bullying activities and much more!

Innovative Resources, 2002
Author: Russell Deal
Illustrator: Ray Bowler
Softcover, 280mm x 210mm, 32 pages.