100 Anxiety Solutions for Adults pack

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100 anxiety solutions for adults – Anxiety Solutions + Self Care

This pack of Anxiety Solutions and Self Care cards offers a reflections and actions kit – a combination of 50 gentle reflection to facilitate change and 50 practical ‘antidotes’ to the stress response.

The Self Care cards are designed to create reflection and conversations about self-care. This beautifully illustrated resources encourages the art of ‘noticing’; noticing how we are doing, what we are feeling, what our body is telling us, what our own insights are revealing about what’s working well and what we could be doing differently to support self-care.

The most effective techniques for managing anxiety retrain the brain away from its habitual pattern by using changes in both physiology and focus. That’s what Anxiety Solutions does. The cards include a wide variety of creative, cognitive and physical strategies. The idea is to do the activity suggested on the card, then notice which strategies are most enjoyable, and which ones have the biggest brain impact.

Mix the sets or use separately – there is something for everyone.