Early Years Managing Feelings value pack

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Innovative Resources, listed on Victoria’s SRF menu, provides resources and training to help Early Years teams build explicit social and emotional skills in children and families.

Our colourful, fun-filled resources and training apply a strengths-based approach, recognised as an effective way to support wellbeing in the early years, and help promote a whole-of-setting focus on wellbeing:

  • supporting children to manage their emotions and build resilience
  • strengthening children’s social and emotional wellbeing
  • capturing the voice of the child
  • partnering with families.

The Early Years Value Packs  – this Pack is one of four that have been specially curated to focus on managing feelings, trauma informed care, supporting families and building respectful relationships. They can be used with culturally and linguistically diverse children and families, and shared with parents and carers to support their child’s development.


The Early Years Managing Feelings value pack

Learning to recognise and manage our feelings is the heart of emotional learning. This pack has been curated to help children develop these essential skills with resources that focus on emotions, strengths and body signals. Fabulous animal characters that children love are a feature of this pack which includes:

Card sets

  • Anxiety Solution for Kids – 50 simple, practical, creative, fun activities for anxious or worried children to explore to see what might work best for them
  • Body Signals® – a marvellous mob of meerkats who help children tune into their body signals and build the language to describe them
  • The Bears – a well-loved simple yet powerful resource for identifying, talking about and reflecting on feelings
  • Stones … have feeling too! – a  quarry of quirky, engaging, happy, sad, afraid, shy, joyful ‘stone’ characters, specially created for building a feelings vocabulary
  • Funky Fish Feelings – 48 fabulous fish characters for helping you describe feelings


Picture Book

  • Byron and the Chairs – a story for creating conversations with younger children about the little emotional monsters that sometimes pop into life

Ideas for use

  • Each card set comes with a booklet of ideas for use
  • Download the Pack’s Ideas Bank for more tips and suggestions.