ELC Managing Feelings Pack

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Product Code: 1111

Learning to recognise and manage our feelings is the heart of emotional learning. This bundle has been especially packaged to help children develop these essential skills. You will find resources focussing on emotions, strengths and body signals. Many of these resources feature fabulous animal characters to help us humans learn to ride the ups and downs of our feelings.

In this pack you will receive one each of:

  • The Bears (cards – our beloved best seller for identifying, talking about feelings)
  • Body Signals® (cards – the marvelous mob of meerkats that help children tune into their body signals)
  • Funky Fish Feelings (cards – fishy companions for exploring oceans of emotions)
  • Byron and the Chairs (picture book – the ideal resource for talking with younger children about sibling jealousy)
  • Anxiety Solutions for Kids (cards – another bestseller – simple, practical, creative, fun activities for children who experience worry or anxiety)
  • Stones…Have Feelings Too! (cards – characters specially created for building a feelings vocabulary).