ELC Supporting Parents Pack

$295.00 inc. GST

Product Code: 1106

Anticipating and meeting the sometimes complex developmental needs of children takes skill, energy and commitment. To nurture children well, early childhood educators and parents must also take care of themselves. This pack has been designed to help support adults who care for children, perhaps while also navigating challenges of their own.

In this pack you will receive one each of:

  • Positive Parenting (cards – a wonderful tool for opening up conversations with parents about their experiences, struggles, ideas, and hopes)
  • The Koala Company therapy ball (tactile – a soft squeezy ball featuring 30 koala characters who will help get a conversation rolling!)
  • The Bears cube (tactile – a cube full of delightful characters from the beloved The Bears card set, 23 different Bears)
  • Kids’ Skills (book – a playful and practical approach to solving difficulties faced by children)
  • Self Care – cards for home and work (cards – 50 designs to inspire, surprise and delight and get self-care on the agenda)
  • Anxiety Solutions (cards – 50 simple, fun, clinically-proven strategies for managing anxious thoughts)
  • Two Worlds (cards – a unique resource for building healing conversations with children and adults experiencing separation)
  • Note to Self (cards – the right questions at the right time).


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