Positive power pack for young adults

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A dynamic duo to instill positivity and power!

Perfect for realigning heads and hearts towards a fresh new year, this pack includes:

Reflexions – the power of reflection and connection

Taking time to get a handle on what is happening and gaining perspective and connection by talking with others is a life-long sources  of resilience. Reflexions is a tool designed to support young people in their personal reflection and communication with others  – and encourage them to make conscious choices about the how they want their life to be.


Choosing Strengths – the power of strengths and choices

Everyone has strengths – they’re assets to call on for making the most of life, and catalysts for change. Making good choices is a key strength and these cards are powerful reminders that we can choose  who we want to be and how we respond to situations and events.


Available only to November 30 – EXTENDED to December 31!


Reflexions – 34 colour cards, 210x148mm, plus booklet

Choosing Strengths – 36 colour cards, 200x120mm, plus booklet