Professional Practice value pack – supervision & Walking the Boundaries

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The perfect pair of professional resources to support strengths-based, reflective conversations about practice approaches and work challenges!


Supervision plays a pivotal role in the professional development of social workers, psychologists, counsellors, managers, health practitioners, life coaches and other human service professionals.

supervision is the revised edition of A Vision for Supervision. It is a fantastic tool for supporting strengths-based, solution-focused approaches to supervision.

This incredible 30 card resource provides opportunities to build the capacity of practitioners and supervisors in a range of Human Service settings.

The adaptability of these cards can help set expectations when establishing a supervision relationship and provide a new dimension to existing ones.

The primary aim of these cards is to empower both the supervisor and practitioner to engage in curious, nuanced and reflective conversations that will help build the capacity and learning of both.

supervision covers all aspects of supervision, including setting up strengths-based and solution-focussed processes, focussing on reflective practice, building self-supervision skills, creating spaces to explore best practices, reviewing progress over time, generating opportunities and considering the bigger picture.

supervision can be a powerful opportunity for discovery and learning for both supervisor and practitioner – with the benefits also flowing on to clients.


Walking the Boundaries

Human service workers have to make ethical decisions every day. While many practitioners make decisions that fall within the boundaries of their organisation’s codes of conduct, some will be less clear cut.

Walking the Boundaries is a resource specifically designed for Human Service practitioners to ponder common dilemmas that rarely have a black and white answer.

Walking the Boundaries is a unique conversation-building card set containing 80 intriguing, challenging and surprising questions about everyday ethical decisions.

Along with the cards, this tool comes with a comprehensive 44 page booklet with activity and usage suggestions. These cards are suitable for teams, workshops, planning days, supervision sessions, and job interviews.

Walking the Boundaries is perfect for reflective learning, building cohesive teams, improving workplace cultures and professional development.

This set is a vital addition to any Human Service organisation toolkit. It fosters the identification of values and blind spots in practitioners and brings about better outcomes for clients.


supervision– $65.00

Walking the Boundaries – $55.00

Buy together – save 15%


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