Secondary School value pack

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Resources for enhancing wellbeing in young people

Schools take a proactive role in enhancing students’ self-esteem, well-being, and mental health. There is also a growing understanding of the role that these things play in preventing and addressing such behaviours as bullying, substance abuse, school refusal and self-harm.

The Secondary Schools value pack provides a selection of resources designed to encourage transformative conversations with young people about their feelings, goals, strengths and challenges.

The pack contains:

  • Strength Cards Unlimited – A tool that expands the notion of what a strength can be
  • Choosing Strengths 36 cards designed to help young people think differently about their strengths.
  • Pocket of Stones – a set of 12 hand-crafted ceramic heads, each one different – they’re quirky, tactile and ideal for talking about feelings.
  • Anxiety Solutions – 50 simple, fun, clinically-proven strategies for managing anxious thoughts.
  • Deep Speak 120 question cards, each one relevant to the issues that young people deal with, including relationships, identity, emotions, beliefs and values.
  • Eating Disorders 40 hand-drawn cards for creating conversations that challenge the silence and shame surrounding eating disorders.

Suggested uses for this pack:

  • These resources can be used across the curriculum to support student self-esteem, respectful relationships, and social and emotional skills development.
  • Can be used with culturally and linguistically diverse students and families or shared with parents and carers to support their child’s development.