Secondary School value pack

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Schools are increasingly called upon to take a proactive role in enhancing the self-esteem, wellbeing and emotional intelligence of students. There is also a growing understanding of the role that these things play in preventing and addressing such behaviours as bullying, substance abuse, school refusal and self-harm.

Building a culture of strengths, respect and fairness in the school community not only enhances learning, but makes it an enjoyable and accessible environment for students, staff and parents.

This value pack provides a kit of resources designed to create transformative conversations with young people about their feelings, goals, strengths and challenges.

The pack contains:

  • Rainbow Talk: 40 cards for creating respectful conversations with young people about diversity and identity
  • Choosing Strengths: 36 cards designed to help young people think differently about their strengths
  • Pocket of Stones: a set of 12 hand-crafted ceramic heads, each one different – they’re quirky, tactile and ideal for talking about feelings
  • Anxiety Solutions: 50 simple, fun, clinically-proven strategies for managing anxious thoughts
  • Deep Speak: 120 question cards, each one relevant to the issues that absorb young people as they deal with relationships, identity, emotions, beliefs and values
  • Eating Disorders: 40 hand-drawn cards for creating conversations that challenge the silence and shame surrounding eating disorders.

Each card set comes with its own booklet of ideas for use and useful background information.