‘Strengths’ Value Pack

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Used the Strength Cards? Familiar with the Strengths Approach? Ready for the next step?

Celebrate strengths—big, small and unexpected!—with this special pack designed for noticing and mobilising our own strengths and those of others. Teach strengths, choose strengths and uncover hidden ones with the trio of Strength Cards for Kids, Choosing Strengths and The Nature of Strengths, ideal for organisations and individuals working children and young people as well as adults.

When change is happening, strengths are vital—we use them to be proactive change-agents. Explore the way our words, emotions and bodies influence each other in Robert McNeilly’s classic Doing Change. Here’s a book brimming with immediately applicable suggestions for ‘doing’ change and moving on. Plus, we’ve thrown in a set of Strength Cards stickers for good measure!

Developed with Australian professionals in mind, this Starter Pack also comes with the Indigenous card set, Talking Up Our Strengths. Use these cards to to promote reconciliation, show pride in cultural diversity and build rich conversations about the strengths in all our communities.

Usually valued at $244.90, this collection is priced at $183.70—a saving of over $60.00!

Strength Cards for Kids 3rd Edition
Choosing Strengths
The Nature of Strengths
Talking Up Our Strengths
Strength Card stickers
Doing Change (book)