Card hacks for…Deep Speak

Facilitator: Alison Krusec

Deep Speak, one of our most popular resources, has just had an update! Each of these 120 unique cards includes a single question—some of these questions are light-hearted, some are highly personal, some may be confronting or challenging. All of them invite us to reflect—on ourselves, our relationships with others and our individual experience of the world.

With over 30 new questions, this card set includes even more questions about the issues and topics that are important to young people and adults alike, like the environment, gender diversity, culture, identity and social issues.

The Deep Speak cards are perfect for encouraging people to share their stories and have conversations about things that matter.

In this 30-minute FREE online session, we will explore how you can use the cards to:

• create safe and supportive spaces for conversations about the big questions

• invite people to listen to the ideas, perspectives and experiences of others

• encourage curiosity, empathy and reflection

• create opportunities to celebrate diversity

• explore the source of different feelings and thoughts

• reflect on our own values and beliefs and how they impact on others.

We will also spend time exploring how other practitioners have used this resource in different settings, including classrooms, team meetings, groups, supervision, staff training and in one-on-one therapeutic conversations. And we will check out the booklet that comes with this set.

Perfect for social workers, school counsellors, teachers, wellbeing staff, health professionals, parents, and carers.

This session is facilitated by Innovative Resources’ highly experienced trainer, Alison Krusec, who creates a welcoming and open space for all participants.