Card hacks for…Self Care – Cards For Home and Work

Facilitator: Alison Krusec

Self Care – Cards for Home and Work is a beautifully illustrated resource will spark reflection and conversation about self-care. Each card names a key theme such as habits, relationships, health, identity, balance, safety, support—and includes two questions to help get the conversation started.

Drawing on the diverse world of birds, each card is an original work of art designed to inspire, surprise and delight—qualities that, in themselves, enhance self-care. Self-care should be seen by human service practitioners and organisations alike as a fundamental part of the job, and not just an optional add-on.

In this 30-minute FREE online session, we will explore:

• our own personal reflection about self-care• how to introduce self-care to your organisation• using this resource to help develop self-care goals and plans• self-care during transition, change, conflict, and hard times• five polarity cards that can narrow the focus

We will also spend time exploring how different practitioners have used this resource in different settings, including classrooms, team meetings, groups, supervision, staff training and in one-on-one therapeutic conversations. We will check out the booklet that comes along with this set.

Perfect for social workers, health professionals, school counsellors, teachers, wellbeing staff, parents, and carers.