Card hacks for…supervision

Facilitator: Alison Krusec

supervision is a resource for building strengths-based supervision conversations from start to finish!

The supervision card set plays a pivotal role in professional development. It can be a powerful means of discovery and learning for both supervisor and practitioner—with the benefits flowing on to clients. This updated card set has three suits that can guide and explore reflective practice in supervision.

In this 30-minute FREE online session, we will explore how you can use the cards to:

• create a supervision plan and prepare for supervision sessions

• explore values, priorities, and practice stories

• guide the supervision journey

• reflect on practice and evaluate progress

• de-brief, find solutions and help prevent burn out

• create a culture of best practice for the benefit of everyone.

We will also spend time exploring how other practitioners have used this resource in different settings, including team meetings, groups, supervision and reflective practice. And we will check out the booklet that comes with this set.

Perfect for social workers, school counsellors, teachers, wellbeing staff and health professionals who are looking for tools to build conversations in the supervision setting.