Online Workshop – Tools and Techniques for Managing Anxiety

Facilitator: Alison Krusec

Everyone experiences anxiety, stress and worried thoughts from time to time. This highly-engaging online workshop is designed to explore Innovative Resources creative tools and strategies to manage anxiety and promote wellbeing in children, young people and adults.


Who is this workshop for?

This online workshop is for child, youth and family workers, teachers, wellbeing staff, counsellors, mental health workers, pastoral care workers, foster carers, parents and … anyone who supports children, young people and adults.


What will be covered?

 Participants in this workshop will:

  • take away a range of strategies to support themselves and others in managing anxiety
  • explore the anatomy of anxiety and how it affects the brain and body
  • look at how different life experiences can contribute to high levels of anxiety, including trauma, bullying, abuse and neglect
  • identify skills and strategies people can use to calm anxiety based on a range of therapeutic approaches such as mindfulness, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), strengths-based, solution-focused practices, art and nature-based therapies
  • explore how to run activities that work for different learning styles and in different environments (inside/outside, individual/group, active/quiet, body/mind)
  • learn core strengths-based, solution-focused practice principles and skills to support your work
  • be introduced to lots of beautifully-designed, engaging resources and tools for supporting children to build social and emotional literacy.


Resources used in the workshop

Resources will include a range of the following: Optimism Boosters, Anxiety Solutions, Self Care, Choosing StrengthsAnxiety Solutions for Kids, Body Signals®, The Bears, Strengths Cards for Kids, Tell A Trusted Adult, Stones…have feelings too!, Mates Traits, Shadows and Deeper Shadows plus tactile tools, stickers and picture books.



Date and time

Tues DEC 7 and Tues DEC 14, 1.30 – 3.30 pm

Limited places – book now!