Thriving through transitions – at work, school, playgrounds, home

Facilitator: Alison Krusec


Transitioning from one year to another, school to home, classroom to playground or within the playground, can be challenging. Children are expected to move from one activity to another, one setting to another and one relationship to another. For example, there can be a lot going on in the playground and some children may need some resources and strategies to make their playtime joyful.

With the use of Innovative Resources tools, children can come up with ideas to build their toolkit for responding to tricky situations. These ideas can then be used to add to individual learning plans or to share with families to practice at home.

What to expect:

This 90-minute online workshop is suitable for those working alongside early years and primary school aged children experiencing challenges with playground and other transitions.

The online workshop will cover:

  • working with children to identify feelings and responses to situations
  • using tools to open discussion with children about improving their playtime or other areas of transition.
  • exploring strengths with children to recognise the resources they have in their lives.

The format is collaborative and conversation-based, enabling participants to ask questions, learn from peers, and develop their understanding and use of the resources.

Resources used: 

Suitable for: