Tools for Working with Family Violence

Facilitator: Andrew Shirres

In this highly interactive workshop we will explore a wide range of original tools that can be used by anyone working with family violence, whether in specialist services or in any context where conversations about family violence may arise. The current and long overdue focus on family violence, both in Australia and overseas, means that conversations about violence in the home have never been more salient. While we know that most physical violence in the home is perpetrated by a male intimate partner, family violence goes beyond physical assault and into the domains of financial control, emotional abuse, gender, sexuality, decision-making, communication and more. Alongside understanding what constitutes family violence, we need to spend as much time considering what determines a respectful relationship.

In this workshop we will explore resources for:

  •  Reducing stress in the home
  •  Recognising body signals and exploring emotions
  •  Working with youth when they may be experiencing violence in the home
  •  Identifying and mobilising strengths
  •  Exploring the nature of respectful relationships
  •  Negotiating and planning change
  •  Using storytelling and narrative approaches when working with families.