Walking the Boundaries of Everyday Ethics in Humans Services

Facilitator: Andrew Shirres

Does your organisation or profession actively create opportunities for robust discussion of ethical dilemmas? Why is it important to do so? Who misses out when such discussions do not take place?

The answer is: everyone—and most importantly of all—clients.

Such discussions:

  •  invigorate your teams
  •  create organisational cultures of ongoing learning and professional development for staff
  •  build reflective practice
  •  create opportunities for team building through storytelling and discussion
  •  identify blind spots as well as key values … and, most importantly of all
  •  bring about even better (and safer) outcomes for clients.

This workshop is a unique, exciting and creative way to keep conversations of learning and exploration alive and well in your organisation. In this highly interactive workshop, we ask: ‘Would you ever…’