A Vision for Supervision

Strengths-based questions for reflective conversations

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Do you provide supervision? Or receive supervision from others?

Supervision plays a pivotal role in the professional development of social workers, psychologists, counsellors, managers, health practitioners, life coaches and other human service professionals. At its best, supervision can be a powerful crucible of discovery and learning for both supervisor and practitioner—with the benefits also flowing on to clients.

A Vision for Supervision is a new way of encapsulating ‘good practice’ in human services work. Blending ideas from the complementary worlds of solution-focused and strengths-based practice, this unique resource invites both supervisors and practitioners to stretch their reflection and conversation.

A Vision for Supervision consists of 40 cards arranged in 5 colour-coded suits:

  • Beginning: Establishing a relationship
  • Contexting: Identifying our accountability
  • Sharpening the Focus: Making each session count
  • Widening the Lens: Mapping our professional development
  • Ending: Celebrating the journey

Each card explores a different topic, such as ‘Hopes and plans’, ‘Present situation’,  ‘What worked?’ and ‘Noticing success’. Together, the 40 cards provide 160 strengths-based, reflective questions for building your supervision conversations from start to finish.

Use these cards to explore expectations of supervision, roles and responsibilities, or to introduce a touch of novelty into an existing supervisory relationship. A Vision for Supervision is ideal for supervisors and practitioners to use for reflection between supervision sessions, or as a reminder of the salient themes to explore during supervision sessions.

‘…this project is a wonderful supervision ‘Legoland’. Combinations are infinite, but the practicality of the cards and suits creates a much-needed structure. I see myself introducing A Vision for Supervision to practicum, internship, individual and group supervision, and supervision training contexts. Invent – adapt – learn – enjoy!’

Frank N Thomas, author of Solution-Focused Supervision (2013) and Professor of Counselling and Counsellor Education at Texas Christian University (USA)

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Published by Innovative Resources, 2014
40 laminated cards, 120mm x 120mm
Polypropylene box, 68-page booklet.
ISBN: 9 781 920945 725
Authors: Roger Lowe and Russell Deal
Design: Mat Jones


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‘I plan to use the Vision for Supervision cards to assist first-time coaches who are in formal and informal leadership roles to get comfortable with coaching!’

Hamida Bhimani, Head of Nursing Practice (Ontario, Canada)