Welcome to Innovative Resources, the home of the original and the best strengths-based, conversation-building resources for over twenty years!

Our card sets, stickers and picture books are used to enrich conversations about the important stuff in life—feelings, hopes, strengths, relationships, values, stories and goals. Our card sets are sold internationally and are known for their originality, practice wisdom and striking visual styles.


We create and publish resources that are steeped in ‘strengths-based practice’. This is an approach to working with others that seeks to build and mobilise people’s strengths. It focuses on what is working well and hopes for the future, rather than on problems and deficits.

Our card sets can be used to explore:

  • where a person or a team is at
  • their strengths and resources
  • their stories, feelings and relationships
  • keys to building resilience and moving forward
  • their best hopes for the future
  • their progress and steps along the way.


It was the desire to create a simple set of cards for naming and talking about strengths that gave rise to Innovative Resources’ very first publication, now over twenty years oldStrength Cards. This was quickly followed by The Bears—a set of cards for talking about feelings—and in this way a publishing house was born out of a social work organisation!

Innovative Resources, founded by St Luke’s, has now published over 60 original conversation-building tools that are used in Australia and around the world.

Our conversation-building materials have grown out of the strengths-based social work philosophy of St Luke’s, this philosophy and our application of it to resource development continues to evolve to include best-practice concepts drawn from domains including Solution-focused Brief Therapy, Narrative Approaches, Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, Shared Leadership and Choice Theory.

You can view our timeline of notable events here


We are Anglicare Victoria trading as St Luke’s Innovative Resources (ABN 97 397 067 466)