Strengths approach training and tools workshops

The strengths approach can be used to enhance organisational culture and professional practice across all areas of the workplace, from direct service delivery through to administration and management structures.  

We all know how important ongoing professional development is but sometimes it can be challenging to find the time to attend. That’s why we offer a range of training options—face-to-face, online, eLearning or blended. Please use the search function below to explore our current training opportunities. All our workshops (content workplace and format) can be customised to meet the unique needs of your team or organisation. Whether the participants work in education, counselling, child and family services, mental health or youth programs, you can be sure the training will reflect your organisation’s learning priorities.

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Anywhere, anytime – self paced learning

Online Workshops

Online workshops

Highly interactive video conference workshops

Co-designed workshops

Co-designed workshops

Delivered to your organisation or team – face-to-face or online

Blended delivery

Blended delivery

A combination of eLearning with online or face-to-face workshops

Find the right training for you

Find the perfect course for you through our wide range of learning options at Innovative Resources. If there isn't one scheduled near you or you would like to arrange a tailored course for your group, please contact us and we'll see what we can do.

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Online Workshops

Unmasking the shadows: delving into shame’s depths

Join us as we explore the profound impact shame can have on our lives, relationships, and overall well-being. Spend time delving into a range of empowering strategies to name and address different manifestations of shame.

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Card hacks for…Deep Speak

A FREE 30-minute online session where we will discover innovative and strengths-based ways to explore the updated ‘Deep Speak’ card set.

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Blended, eLearning, Face-to-face, Online Workshops, Team co-designed workshops - bookings available

Strengths approach to client-centred recording

In this course, we explore various ways we can include the people accessing services in the recording process.

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Benefits of training with Innovative Resources

  • Flexible modes of training delivery
  • Training is codesigned with you to meet your needs
  • Focusses on strengths and solutions rather than problems
  • Builds confidence in using tools to have meaningful conversations about culture and practice
  • Encourages critical reflection, which can lead to better outcomes for people accessing services
  • Building organisational culture
  • Invigorates teams

What people say about our training

‘Everything and everyone has been abuzz in our district since your workshop!!! You have made a significant impact already.’

(CFA North West Region – Brigade Support Team feedback to Andrew Shines from a recent Strengths Approach workshop)

‘Well-organised, welcoming environment, great resources.’

‘Useful exercises for learning and practice; made me smile and laugh a lot!’

‘I will take away many strategies to help me in my work and life journey.’

‘I am intrigued by the idea of asking better questions in my work with clients.’

‘Supportive and comfortable environment, made me confident to speak and get involved.’

‘I will take away knowledge of strengths, reframing, externalising, normalising and the five-column approach.’

‘Great tools to use with clients (adults and children) and for team building.’

‘Loved the practical use of the cards, the active learning, and the interactions with peers.’

‘I found the stories and examples very useful; they made sense of ideas, concepts and tools.’

What is the foundation of St Luke’s Strengths Approach?

View this short video of Wayne McCashen, author of The Strengths Approach. Wayne very succinctly puts forward the reasons why Strengths Approach is such a powerful way of working with people. (His legacy will live on.)

Innovative Resources wishes to recognise and honour Wayne McCashen’s (decd. 2018) significant contributions to social work and the broader helping professions, particularly his extensive advocacy for strengths-based approaches to working with individuals, families, and communities.

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