Strengths-based Workshops and Training

We believe that the strengths approach applies to all levels of work; enhancing, developing and sustaining organisational culture, from direct service delivery through to administration and management structures.

We know how important ongoing professional development is—that’s why we offer a range of training packages, at Our Place or Yours. Please see our current Training Calendar for the ‘Our Place’ events currently scheduled. Any of our training packages can be delivered at ‘Your Place’, with format and content negotiated with you. Contact Us to discuss the training needs of your organisation.

Interested in online learning?

Strengths Approach to Practice is the foundation for the resources and training developed and offered by Innovative Resources, and is now offered as an online training package. The course also qualifies as professional development for the associations below.

Recently added is Strengths Approach to Supervision.

If you would like a taste of strengths-based practice, or extend your learning in this area, we also offer two shorter courses.

Here is an overview of Strengths Approach to Practice.

We offer strengths approach training to professionals worldwide:

Our highly-interactive training programs are delivered to human service, health, education and community groups and organisations, as well as to local government and businesses.

Considering an innovative and practical training program? We deliver strengths-based training and tools workshops to inspire you and transform your organisation. Our experienced professionals provide quality, interactive training tailored to your needs—at your place or ours.

Strengths-based Practice (in-person training)

Designed for both individuals and groups, our flexible training can be adapted across the following subject areas:

  • Strengths Approach to Practice (1, 2 or 3-day programs available)
  • Strengths Approach to Supervision (1, 2 or 3-day program)
  • Strengths Approach to Building Your Team
  • Strengths Approach to Critical Reflection
  • Strengths Approach to Client Recording
  • Discover your Top 8: Taking a focussed approach to development of best practice in your team

Practice Tools (in-person training)

Our workshops are specifically arranged so that participants can experiment with a myriad of ideas, activities and strengths-based tools for engaging with children, young people, adults, groups and communities. These workshops can be general in nature, or targeted for specialist groups. Examples are:

  • Tools of the Trade
  • Tools for Therapeutic Conversations with Kids
  • Tools for Building Conversations with Foster Carers
  • Tools for Building Teams and Organisational CultureGender Fairness Hanover 014
  • Tools for School Counsellors
  • Tools for Working with Families
  • Life Tweaking: Tools for working with youth
  • Ups and Downs: Tools for conversations about emotions, mental health and wellbeing
  • Walking the Boundaries: Exploring everyday ethics in human services

Other Specialties

Over our 25+ years of training and resource development, we have designed specialised workshops, and built a reputation for innovation. Three of our favourite workshops are;

  • The Literary Therapist: Creative writing for personal growth, healing and social change
  • Adventures in Facilitation: Activities and ideas to enrich facilitated learning
  • Social Inclusion: Challenging the way we work with people


If you would you like more information about any of our training, contact us and one of our trainers will be happy to answer your questions and discuss your requirements.


From Participants:

‘Everything and everyone has been abuzz in our district since your workshop!!!  You have made a significant impact already.’ (CFA North West Region – Brigade Support Team feedback to Andrew Shirres from a recent Strengths-Approach workshop)

‘Well-organised, welcoming environment, great resources.’

‘Useful exercises for learning and practice; made me smile and laugh a lot!’

‘I will take away many strategies to help me in my work and life journey.’

‘I found the stories and examples very useful; they made sense of ideas, concepts and tools.’

‘I will take away knowledge of strengths, reframing, externalising, normalising and the five-column approach.’

‘Great tools to use with clients (adults and children) and for team building.’

‘Loved the practical use of the cards, the active learning, and the interactions with peers.’

‘Supportive and comfortable environment, made me confident to speak and get involved.’

‘I am intrigued by the idea of asking better questions in my work with clients.’


‘The facilitator was funny, personable, informative and empowering. Well done!’

‘I liked that the facilitator included times when he had done something he regretted and learned from it. It makes it seem safe to open yourself up to feedback and review.’

‘I enjoyed moving around and the various activities.’

‘Worth the trip from Tassie!’

‘Excellent preparation emails.’

‘Thoroughly enjoyable, thought-provoking and reaffirming of my way or working.’

‘Sharing words creates a new story. Sharing pictures creates a new vision. Thank you.’

‘Learned so much.’

‘Really good facilitation.’

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