Navigating Depression – charting a course through challenging times

Posted: 14/02/2024

Innovative Resources released its newest card set to the world just before Christmas, when friends and colleagues of psychologist and author, Kate Skilbeck, gathered in Ballarat to launch Navigating Depression. With stunning illustrations and design by Castlemaine artist, Sharon Dunn, Navigating Depression draws on …Read more

Neurodiversity – do all great minds think alike?

Posted: 14/02/2024

When Camilla Pang was five, she was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Then later, as an adult, she was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as well as generalised anxiety (GAD). In her book Explaining Humans, Pang describes how as a child: …Read more

A new year – a new look!

Posted: 14/02/2024

Seriously optimistic is the perfect way to sum up the vibe around Innovative Resources as we launch into a new year of unlocking strengths and sparking curiosity. You might have already noticed our fresh new brand starting to appear across social media—and of course …Read more

Educator and coach, Leanne Grogan, on valuing teachers

Posted: 01/08/2023

Every day, we gather more evidence about the impact high-quality early years education has on outcomes for children. Educator and coach, Leanne Grogan, agreed to have a chat to us about how recognising and supporting teachers is a fundamental part of this. She also …Read more

Navigating Depression – a tool for the journey

Posted: 02/05/2023

Our latest card set, Navigating Depression, has just hit the shelves so we invited the author of this beautiful and engaging resource to tell us a bit about herself. We also asked her to share a bit about her experience in creating the cards. …Read more

How ‘awe’ can improve our health and wellbeing

Posted: 07/03/2023

When our jaw drops, our eyes widen and we are filled with a sense of wonder, we are probably experiencing awe. Awe is often defined as a feeling of amazement in response to something vast, inspiring, overwhelming or beyond our understanding. In those moments, …Read more

Helping children negotiate play spaces

Posted: 07/02/2023

As we all know, transitions can be hard. Starting a new job, leaving a relationship, going to university or moving to a new place can all create feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. Funnily, it isn’t always the steep learning curve that inevitably comes with …Read more

Explore our wide range of 2023 training opportunities

Posted: 06/12/2022

In 2023 we will  be running a series of free 30 minute online workshops where our highly skilled trainer, Alison Krusec, will share a range of tips and tricks for using our most popular card sets, starting with Strengths Cards® Unlimited. Strengths Cards® Unlimited—the …Read more

Exciting new resources for 2023!

Posted: 06/12/2022

We have lots of new offerings coming in 2023 – here’s a sneak peak at just a few. Navigating Depression cards Our long awaited Navigating Depression cards will be available later this year. As the author of Navigating Depression, psychologist Kate Skilbeck, says: ‘There …Read more