Meerkats in the sandpit

Posted: 25/06/2024

Adel is a teacher at Woori Yallock Preschool, a small sessional kinder in Victoria’s Yarra Valley. The preschool has 38 children who each attend for 15 hours a week. Like many preschools, Woori Yallock’s first Innovative Resources card sets were purchased using the State …Read more

the bears – unlocking children’s voices

Posted: 22/05/2024

understanding the importance of children’s voices When Judy Hall describes The Bears as, ‘an opening of the floodgates’, it comes from a place of deep understanding of how important it is for children’s voices to be fully heard. judy hall’s background in child care …Read more

moving from strength to strength

Posted: 22/05/2024

innovative resources: born out of the strengths approach It was 1992, and ideas around how welfare services should be delivered were changing. At St Luke’s (now Anglicare Victoria) workers decided there was a genuine need for a hands-on tool that could be used by …Read more

now more than ever – learning from our past

Posted: 01/05/2024

For a long time, I’ve felt honoured to live in a country that is home to the longest, living, continuous, culture in the world. It has always felt momentous to me. But it wasn’t until I went on a trip to Greece last year …Read more

Strength Cards® Unlimited: A special offer for SOON readers!

Posted: 01/05/2024

Strength Cards® Unlimited takes conversations about strengths in all sorts of new directions. We know that each of us has strengths that can help us overcome challenges and solve problems—but strengths are more than just our personal qualities. They can include everything from our …Read more

When Ray found his clan

Posted: 01/05/2024

Ray Bowler is a name well known to long-term devotees of Innovative Resources’ products and training. His quirky, soulful illustrations and designs have helped thousands of people explore their feelings, prompted important conversations about strengths and mental health, and inspired people to share stories …Read more

Check out our new logo and branding!

Posted: 01/05/2024

First came the gold spinning top logo, then the pink spinning top, now, based on feedback from over 1000 of our fabulous customers (that’s you!) we have launched our latest look. This time, our logo focusses on what we do best—creating conversation-starting tools and …Read more

Solutions on the high seas

Posted: 01/05/2024

‘I’m Dion, I live on a boat.’ That’s a pretty cool introduction for anyone, and not what I expected from a man who has spent the past decade and a half working in human services and, more recently, perfecting the “art” of solution-focused supervision. …Read more

Navigating Depression – charting a course through challenging times

Posted: 14/02/2024

Innovative Resources released its newest card set to the world just before Christmas, when friends and colleagues of psychologist and author, Kate Skilbeck, gathered in Ballarat to launch Navigating Depression. With stunning illustrations and design by Castlemaine artist, Sharon Dunn, Navigating Depression draws on …Read more

Neurodiversity – do all great minds think alike?

Posted: 14/02/2024

When Camilla Pang was five, she was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Then later, as an adult, she was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as well as generalised anxiety (GAD). In her book Explaining Humans, Pang describes how as a child: …Read more

A new year – a new look!

Posted: 14/02/2024

Seriously optimistic is the perfect way to sum up the vibe around Innovative Resources as we launch into a new year of unlocking strengths and sparking curiosity. You might have already noticed our fresh new brand starting to appear across social media—and of course …Read more

Educator and coach, Leanne Grogan, on valuing teachers

Posted: 01/08/2023

Every day, we gather more evidence about the impact high-quality early years education has on outcomes for children. Educator and coach, Leanne Grogan, agreed to have a chat to us about how recognising and supporting teachers is a fundamental part of this. She also …Read more

Navigating Depression – a tool for the journey

Posted: 02/05/2023

We invited the author of Navigating Depression to tell us a bit about herself. We also asked her to share her experience of creating the cards. We started by asking Kate to tell us a bit about the work she does. I’m a registered …Read more