Webinar: Tell A Trusted Adult

Posted: 04/03/2021

          Join the highly engaging and experienced creators of Tell A Trusted Adult, Sharon Hynes and Katerina Meda, for some great tips on teaching child safety. Passionate about protecting children and giving them a voice, Sharon and Kat have created …Read more

Posted: 03/03/2021

Teaching students skills to manage anxiety and challenge negative thinking helps them become better learners. The clinically-proven techniques in the Anxiety Solutions cards have been deliberately selected by consulting psychologist and clinical nutritionist, Selina Byrne (author of the cards) for their capacity to retrain …Read more

Anxiety Solutions for Kids

Posted: 03/03/2021

Everyone has anxious thoughts from time to time, which is why it is important to teach all children the skills they need to manage anxiety, find ways to distract and soothe themselves during stressful times and challenge negative self-talk. Anxiety Solutions for Kids was …Read more

Taking a strengths approach to working with young people

Posted: 10/02/2021

Young people’s lives are in a constant state of flux. They are dealing with growth spurts, the unnerving appearance of body hair in odd places, the making and breaking of relationships, changing schools, hormones, brain restructuring (yep, there are a lot of upgrades happening …Read more

The importance of connecting this holiday season

Posted: 07/12/2020

If this pandemic has made us appreciate anything, it is the importance of the people around us. Family, friends, workmates, the people in our local café, the mums and dads and grandparents in our parent group, even the people we say hello to when …Read more

The gift of giving

Posted: 04/12/2020

A gift is not always something that is wrapped up with brightly coloured paper. Not all gifts are the kind you can place under a Christmas tree or tuck under your arm when attending a birthday party. While tangible gifts can be utterly delightful …Read more

I have a right to be a child

Posted: 17/11/2020

If you ask people to describe the role that children play in the world, you will get a range of responses, which may include things like, ‘They are the future’, ‘They are the reason we get up and go to work in the morning’, …Read more

Are you feeling worn down? You are not alone

Posted: 17/11/2020

Pandemics have a shape. At the beginning, everything is unknown and we often feel fearful and overwhelmed by the thought of what might unfold. Then we start to become familiar with the features of the beast, how it works, who is at risk, and …Read more

The power of koalas

Posted: 21/10/2020

Around the world, koalas are universally loved. They are furry balls of sleepy cuteness (if you ignore their sharp claws and the eerie grunting sounds they make at night—holy Manuka, that is one scary noise)! But they are also more than that. They are …Read more

Mindfulness or mindlessness—a battle of the minds?

Posted: 21/10/2020

Everywhere we look these days, we see mindfulness touted as one of the wonders of the wellbeing world. Bookshops are overflowing with books on all aspects of mindfulness. There are books and blogs on mindfulness and running, learning mindfulness from your dog and mindful …Read more

Hot off the press—Tell A Trusted Adult!

Posted: 21/10/2020

It’s been over two years in the making but after countless hours of review, consultation and revision, Tell A Trusted Adult is now at the press and being printed as we speak! This vibrant new resource is perfect for having conversations with children about …Read more

Some unexpected benefits of teaching remotely

Posted: 30/07/2020

A survey of over one thousand primary teachers done by Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak found that teachers faced significant challenges in moving to remote learning. The majority of teachers were working longer hours, sometimes up to …Read more