Find Your Way pack

The perfect pack for meeting change and challenge with wisdom and calm.

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Available just for December – a book and card set to inspire awareness and wellbeing.

The Book – Find Your Waygrow through challenge and change to live a more meaningful life is Gena McLean’s latest work – a compact book packed with warmth and wisdom.

The perfect complement to Note to Self, it works as a companion for life’s journey. Change and challenge are what we’re all dealing with daily! And our inability to manage them effectively directly affects our wellbeing – our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Find Your Way is for anyone who wants to meet change and challenge with awareness so they can navigate it more peacefully, consciously and compassionately.

The CardsNote to Self is Gena’s set of 24 cards designed to promote self-responsibility. They are reminders which can help us gain effective control over ourselves and our lives by focusing on that which we have direct control over: our thoughts and actions. Perfect for goal making and new starts.

Offer ends 31 Dec 2021