Anxiety Solutions for Kids

50 ways to ride the wave

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Fun and simple anxiety management strategies for children

From time to time, we all experience worry and anxiety – even children.

Anxiety Solutions for Kids – 50 Ways to Ride the Wave is a set of delightfully illustrated cards with simple, practical, and fun activities for children experiencing worry and anxiety.

Each card features a different strategy or technique to support the management of big feelings and enables children to discover solution-focused ways to ‘ride the wave’ of anxiety. The methods are based on proven approaches from cognitive behavioural therapy, brain research, optimism theory, mindfulness practices, interpersonal therapy and behaviour models.

This set is suitable for supporting wellbeing and resilience in children between the ages of 3 to 14 years of age but can be readily used by anyone wanting convenient strategies for anxiety and stress management.

Anxiety Solutions for Kids – 50 Ways to Ride the Wave is a perfect addition to the toolkit for psychologists, counsellors, family workers, art therapists, teachers and carers seeking a fun approach to childhood wellbeing. The beauty of using cards as a tool is that they appeal to all children, are gender-neutral and support a range of learning styles and activity preferences.


NEW! With every card set purchased, you now get exclusive access to an online Toolbox of extras.

The Toolbox includes:

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  • ideas banks, blogs, card hack videos, interviews and other support material.

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Anxiety Solutions for Kids
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Published by Innovative Resources
ISBN:978 1 920945 91 6
50 laminated, full-colour cards, 150mm x 120mm
Polypropylene box and booklet
Booklet author: Selina Byrne M.A.P.S.
Illustrations and Design: Katie Jardine


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Stories and Reviews

Thank You

We hang a card each week at our sink in the office and we look at it while we fill the kettle. When we put this card up I could hear my colleague in the kitchen repeatedly saying ‘Thank you’ in all different voices and volumes—to the universe. It was great!’

Belinda Ryan – Ignite Therapies


This is my favourite because people can sometimes get into a panic when feeling anxious and everything can seem to speed up and ‘close in’.  This strategy helps an anxious person to slow things down. And by saying things really slowly, it gives you more of a chance to breathe deeply and/or calmly as you do so.

Don Pearson – RTLB Gisborne Girls High

Better Than Before

This is my favourite because it fights against perfectionist tendencies and really focusses on strengths. It’s a great reminder that the challenge we face currently is surmountable, and even if it’s hard now, we are constantly growing and learning!

Rebecca Lea – NSW Police Force

Counting Colours

All the kids I work with like the counting colours card because it is just fun and takes their anxiety straight away.

I have a challenging 10 year-old-boy who refused to go to school. The boy has been missing school for almost a year. My goal is to support him to attend school again. The boy chose the counting colours card from the card set and we practised it straight away.

The boy got excited and stopped crying. We counted all the different colours in the room, and walked to the basketball court to continue the counting.

The boy then accepted the challenge to walk into his classroom and keep the counting going. He even initiates what colours he wants to count next.

It’s a wonderful set of cards with simple wording and engaging pictures that kids are able to understand and practise straight away.

Vivi – Nexus Primary Health

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