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Congratulations on purchasing Exploring Shame®, a set of 30 evocative, photo-based cards to gently name, unpack and explore feelings of shame.

Shame is present in almost every experience of trauma, mental illness, disempowerment and exclusion. It’s a difficult emotion to face, and when we try to avoid it, shame can grow.

Exploring Shame® is designed to open-up constructive, safe and respectful conversations about things people may prefer to keep hidden, or things they don’t like about themselves.

Now that you have the cards, you will be wanting some fresh and innovative ideas for how to incorporate the cards into your work, and perhaps your life.


In this Tool Box, you will find the digital booklet, which contains lots of information about eating disorders, disordered eating and other ‘shadowy companions’ like depression and anxiety, plus loads of activities and suggestions for how to use the cards in different settings. (This can be printed as an A5 hardcopy booklet.)

As a BONUS gift to you, we are giving you access to the digital version of the cards! The digital cards are interactive, making them ideal for building rapport and connection. And because they are digital, you can use them anywhere, anytime.

Feel free to browse this page and get inspired by stories from other people on how they’ve used the cards. And don’t forget to explore the range of other supporting materials and information, which is at your fingertips any time you need it.

This Tool Box is exclusively for people who have purchased the cards. We will continue to add resources and ideas so check in regularly to see what’s new!

Exploring Shame booklet

Exploring Shame digital cards

Blog- Exploring Shame in schools

Feelings of shame can be heightened as children and young adults start to compare themselves to others. As children grow, they become more aware of what is considered normal—if their experiences and feelings don’t fit into this version of ‘normal’, this may result in feelings of shame. Read more

Blog- Exploring Shame with Michael Derby – an interview

We recently launched our latest resource – Exploring Shame – a game changer for therapists, counsellors, carers and teachers.

We talk with lead author Michael Derby on his motivation for producing the resource. Read more

Blog- Exploring Shame – a preview

Shame is a common emotion experienced by almost everyone at some point, it can feel painful and uncomfortable. Shame can erode our sense of self, creating feelings of humiliation, embarrassment or unworthiness. It can also lead to harmful or destructive behaviours and yet we don’t usually talk about it directly. Read more

Blog- Talking about shame—why it can be a game changer

Researcher, Brené Brown, calls shame the ‘master emotion’ because it is present in almost every experience of trauma, disempowerment and exclusion. Read more

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