The Stones…Have Feelings Too! tool box

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Different people sometimes interpret feelings, expressions and behaviours quite differently.

Like The Bears before them, the Stones … have feelings too! cards support people to give ‘a voice’ to their feelings and experiences. The 52 quirky stone characters represent a vast array of feelings, making it easy for people to find at least a few cards that resonate for them.

As there are no words on the fronts of the cards, they are open to individual interpretation, which makes them perfect for using with people with diverse literacy levels and backgrounds.  On the back of each Stones card are three words that can help build a vocabulary for naming feelings, if people need an extra prompt or two.

Now that you have the cards, you will be wanting some fresh and innovative ideas for how to incorporate them into your work.

In this toolbox, you’ll find:

  • the digital booklet which includes many great ideas for using the cards across a broad range of settings and situations
  • access to a digital set of the cards so you can use them anywhere, anytime
  • ideas banks, blogs, card hack videos, interviews and other support material.

We hope you’ll also be inspired by the stories of others, and the imaginative ways they’ve used the cards in their work. Don’t forget to explore the range of supporting materials and information at your fingertips any time you need it.

This toolbox is exclusively for people who have purchased Stones … have feelings too!. We will continue to add resources and ideas, so check in regularly to see what’s new!

The Stones...Have Feelings Too! booklet

The Stones...Have Feelings Too! cards

Ideas bank

Blog- Celebrating diversity and building empathy in early primary using stones

As a child, did you ever pick up a stone, rub your wet thumb over its surface to reveal the colours, feel the satisfying heft and shape of it in your palm, and then carry it around in your pocket? Read more

Blog- Tips and ideas for using visual tools in a range of therapeutic settings from social worker and art therapist, Nain Philp

Nain Philp is a social worker and art therapist working in private practice in Victoria, Australia. She shares with us her experiences using cards and other visual tools in AOV settings and with young people with autism, plus her top 3 tips for using cards effectively. Read more

Blog- A Stone in Hand…

Stones, whether in their natural state or through human interaction, remind us of how our world ‘is’.

A stone rock face, gradually exposed over millennia through contact with wind or water, can slowly reveal the secrets held within, telling us of what came before or tantalising us with what might still lie beneath.

Carefully arranged in circles or lines, stones might indicate a place of ceremony or represent the heavens. Read more

Blog- Metaphor: the beating heart of communication

Once upon a time, in a land far away (to use a metaphor to describe our long lost school days) you may have learnt a definition of metaphor similar to the one above. And perhaps it is just as likely that you have forgotten it. And yet, even if you cannot define what a metaphor is, your language, along with everyone else’s, is ‘filled to the brim’ with metaphor. Read more

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