Children’s Strengths bundle

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The most powerful way to face a challenge or solve a problem is to start with our strengths. For children, being able to identify and strengths in themselves and others can help them grow in confidence, build self-esteem and develop emotional literacy.

The all-new Childrens Strengths bundle includes a range of resources designed to support counsellors, wellbeing practitioners, teachers, social workers, parent and carers, to help children build resilience, embrace optimism, and grow their life skills every day.

This value pack includes:

Strength Cards for Kids is a set of 40 cards created around a simple yet essential message: all children deserve to be recognised and celebrated for the strengths they have and for the strengths they are growing into every day.

Can-Do Dinosaurs is tailor-made to help children build competencies and develop skills. Its message is both simple and powerful: All children learn and grow by focussing on what they CAN DO, rather than on what they can’t.

Strength Cards were created for anyone who wants to encourage positive outcomes by focussing on strengths and capacities rather than problems and deficits. The cards emphasise that our strengths are our most valuable resources to draw on in good times and in times of adversity.

Strength Cards for Kids stickers are practical, positive and affirming. They feature all 40 of the delightful animals. Includes 200 stickers in 5 complete sets.

Suggested uses for this pack:

  • Each card set comes with exclusive access to an online Toolbox of extras, including a digital booklet containing activity ideas, access to a digital set of the cards, ideas banks, blogs, card hack videos, interviews and other support material.
  • These resources can be used across the curriculum to support social and emotional skills development, build self-confidence and help children develop respectful relationships.
  • Great for working with children and families from different backgrounds and in different settings—in classrooms, groups or one-on-one. They can also be shared with parents and carers to support their child’s development.

Also available:

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Special Note:

Innovative Resources is listed on the Victorian Government’s School Readiness Funding menu, providing resources and training to help Early Years teams build social and emotional skills in children and families.