The Counselling and Therapy bundle

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Product Code: 1165

Add to your client resources with this collection of bestselling cards sets.

This family focused value pack includes these card sets:

  • Exploring Shame is an evocative collection of 30 photo-based cards created to gently name, unpack and process feelings of shame.
  • Next Steps is a unique resource that captures the power and purpose behind our next actions.
  • Shadows and Deeper Shadows: 48 emotion-charged illustrations for telling our stories, owning our shadows and finding ways forward
  • Eating Disorders & other shadowy companions: 40 hand-drawn cards for creating conversations that challenge the silence and shame surrounding eating disorders
  • Signposts is a set of 48 cards that invite users into meaningful conversations about spirituality, connectedness, faith and transformation while recognising and celebrating the diverse ways people express their beliefs

Each card set comes with its own booklet of ideas for use and useful background information.