The Nature of Strengths

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Inspiring personal strengths through the power of nature

The natural world has inspired and sustained humans since prehistoric times. So, it’s no surprise that nature is an excellent launching pad for reflecting on ourselves and our strengths.

The Nature of Strengths uses the natural world to help people identify strengths in themselves and in others.

The beautifully illustrated set of 28 cards displays exquisite original watercolour paintings in the style of an 18th century naturalist’s notebook. Each card describes a plant, animal or insect characteristic and invites users to apply that strength to their own life.

People of all ages can use this resource to explore their strengths and gifts through various activities. In addition, a 60 page booklet is provided to offer guidance and fun ways to use the cards.

The Nature of Strengths can be used flexibly and creatively, in individual or group situations, making it the perfect resource for inspiring self-reflection.

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Published by Innovative Resources
28 laminated cards and booklet 130mm x 190mm
Presented in a polypropylene box

ISBN: 978 1 920945 73 2
Author: Karen Bedford
Illustrator: Robyn Spicer

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Stories and Reviews

Three different uses for The Nature of Strengths

At a workshop on ecological sustainability, participants were invited to each choose a Nature of Strengths card that seemed meaningful in some way, and to write a poem inspired by their card. In another instance, Karen Masman Bedford (the cards’ author) had rich discussions with the cards when she hosted friends from Sydney for a long weekend. ‘What they seemed to really like was the pairing, especially Holding On and Letting Go. So we talked, thinking about the coming year, what is it that we wanted to hold on to and let go of. That was a really great conversation.’ A completely different use for the cards was found by a grandmother. She purchased the cards to frame them and give as gifts to grandchildren in recognition of their special strengths!