Respectful Relationships

What Makes a Good Friend?

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Mates Traits

Simple cards to support the fundamental values of friendship

Respectful Relationships is a fantastic tool to help people of all ages build vital skills around friendship and communicate their roles within them.

The interactive set features 32 colourful cards displaying Australian wildlife characters navigating aspects of friendship. The simple and fun design helps users easily learn the fundamentals of maintaining healthy relationships with others.

These cards are an excellent resource for helping users navigate a complex area – whether that’s learning about what makes healthy relationships work or looking at the differences we may have with others.

People of all ages can use this resource to open up about relationships, social skills, communication, personalities and interests. It’s also ideal for helping children overcome bullying and other social issues.

Respectful Relationships can be used flexibly and creatively with individuals or groups. Plus, the versatile set comes with a 13-page booklet.

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Mates Traits – What makes a good friend?


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