Self Care – Cards For Home and Work

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A tool for enhancing everyday health and wellbeing for carers

For social workers, counsellors, health professionals, teachers, managers, carers and parents – self-care is critical. Self-care can help individuals enhance their health and wellbeing, better manage stress, maintain professionalism at work and live a happier life.

Self Care – Cards For Home and Work has been specifically designed to help those who care for others take good care of themselves and seek out supportive plans, policies and procedures.

With 50 beautifully-illustrated cards, 100 thought-provoking questions and a booklet full of suggestions, this resource is designed to act as a tool for self-reflection and inspire conversations about self-care.

Each card names a key theme, such as habits, relationships, health, identity, balance, safety and support – and includes two questions to stimulate conversation around the topic.

The set draws on the diversity of the bird world as a thread and features original works of art that will inspire, surprise and delight. The language and style of each card is simple and easy to understand, making this accessible for anyone who could use a little more care in their life.

Self Care – Cards For Home and Work is the perfect tool to support carers in the workplace and at home.

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50 laminated, full-colour cards and booklet 140 x 140mm

Presented in a cardboard box

ISBN: 978 1 925657 11 1

Authors: Karen Bedford, Andrew Shirres, Hannah Macauley & Sue King-Smith;

Illustration & design: Melissa and Steve Proposch, with Andrew Shirres & Mat Jones



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