Tell a Trusted Adult

Keep children safe – give them the tools they need to deal with challenging situations.

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Using beautiful, gentle, original artwork, Tell a Trusted Adult is a resource for supporting early learning educators, primary teachers, parents and anyone working with children and families, to explore safety and unsafety with children in ways that are accessible, fun and effective.

An important aspect of this social and emotional learning is empowering children to stay safe from abuse by teaching them to recognise their body signals or ‘early warning signs’. But many educators, family workers and parents are wondering how to teach child safety, and what key body signals to focus on?

These beautifully-illustrated cards identify pairs of body signals and a range of emotions associated with safety and unsafety to help children learn how to interpret and respond to these signs. Most importantly of all, children learn the key message to ‘Tell a trusted adult’ when they feel unsafe, anxious or worried.

Created by experienced educators who are actively engaged in classroom education, Tell a Trusted Adult cards are available either as a standalone set or as part of an integrated kit.

  • The card set includes 35 cards and a booklet. The cards and supporting cards (such as Game time, Circle time and Art time) featuring simple, fun activities that teachers and parents can pull out of the pack and use immediately with children.
  • The integrated kit includes the card set plus 10 lesson plans (one for each week of the school term) with activities tailored to ages 3—10+, and a set of 6 full-colour posters for reinforcing the safety message with children in schools and in any environment.

Read an interview with the creators here.

Published by Innovative Resources 2020

35 laminated, full-colour cards, 130mm x 190mm

polypropylene box, 60-page booklet.

Authors: Sharon Hynes & Katerina Meda with Sue King-Smith & Karen Bedford

Designer: Katerina Meda

ISBN: 978 1 925657 25 8