The Bears App

Make way emoticons—here is a brilliant little iPhone, iPad and Android app that lets you select and share a cartoon bear character to match your every mood!

Want to tell someone how you are feeling? How the party went last night? How you feel about a political issue or the meal you just ate? Want to encourage or congratulate someone? Swipe through this bunch of 48 happy, sad, proud, grumpy (and anything else) bears. Select a bear that matches your mood, add a message and share it with your friends via email, twitter, facebook.

  • Use The Bears App to track how clients (or you) are travelling in terms specific things such as diet, organisation, wellbeing, energy levels, mood etc.
  • Invite children to use The Bears App to let you know how they are going with projects, sports events, feelings or situations at school or… anything!
  • Send a client or anyone messages about what you see as their strengths by sending them particular Bears you have named after their qualities. For example, Bears you label as Determined, Caring, Happy, Resilient, etc.

You can also click on the dice icon to get your random bear for the day! When it comes to feelings, never be lost for words again.

Follow these links to download the Apple version for iPhone and iPad or the Android version (Google).

Also available The Bears card set and stickers

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Stories and Reviews

‘I just wanted to say that I have downloaded The Bears App and have recommended it to all the local ‘chappies’. I use it almost every day with my students—it is really great! It has helped students I work with to articulate and identify emotions in a non-threatening way.

There is something very easy and unique about students using this app on ipads and similar devices. All of the students I have shown it to can use it easily and identify with a Bear with minimal explanation. With one student, I’ve even gotten to the point of just saying ‘show me your Bear’ and this young person takes the time to find the right one for how they are feeling that day, or then and there.

It’s been a positive tool and I am looking forward to using others in my practice. If The Bears App is an ‘experiment’ then I would encourage more of these types of innovations. However, I think there is still something really valuable in having tangible things like cards as well.’

Malcolm Brown, State School Chaplain (Brisbane, QLD)