Growing Well Scaling Masters (5 x A4 PDFs)

Ways of noticing our emotional and mental wellbeing

A simple scaling tool built around 50 key indicators for mental health and balance.

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Product Code: D4310

The five suits (Being Organised, Being Satisfied, Being Healthy, Being Connected, Being Active) that make up the Growing Well cards are also available as 5 x A4 PDF masters. Each master has 10 statements accompanied by a visual rating scale of a seedling growing into a tree. Copy the masters and use them personally or in your work with clients to monitor mental health and wellbeing.

These scaling sheets are simple, practical, highly accessible PDF tools that can be printed, dated, written on, given away, used over time, and included in a case file or service folder if required.

People using the sheets can do their own recording, or they can do so with a carer, support worker, therapist, clinician or case manager. While originally designed as a self-assessment tool for people accessing mental health services, the sheets can be used by anyone who wishes to actively engage with their own wellbeing.

Digital version published by Innovative Resources, 2020
Booklet author: Russell Deal
Designer: Tim Lane