Strengths in Circles (Digital Version)

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The synergy of strengths and circles

 Strengths in Circles offers a safe and enjoyable framework for people to reflect on how they work together and what they might do to maximise the effectiveness of their team.

These cards provide strengths-based guidelines and are powerful reminders of how groups can

build connection, respect, honest communication and creative and collaborative solutions.

Each Strengths in Circles card contains a building block for putting circles into practice—in schools, teams, organisations and communities.

Co-author of Strengths in Circles, Sue Roffey, developed ‘Circle Solutions’—a philosophy and pedagogy to help ensure that Social and Emotional Learning happens in a safe space.


‘The Circle framework is active, reflective and discursive. Participants think and talk together about issues not incidents. Very little takes place with individuals; activities are almost all in pairs, small groups or the whole circle.’

– Sue Roffey 2014


suitable for:

  • Educators/schools
  • Team building
  • Organisations
  • Communities and clubs
  • HR professionals

Further reading on SEL and the ASPIRE program

Social and emotional learning: From individual skills to class cohesion

The ASPIRE Principles and Pedagogy for the Implementation of Social and Emotional Learning and the Development of Whole School Well-Being

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ISBN: 978 1 925657 20 3
42 full colour digital cards and booklet

Russell Deal and Sue Roffey

Designer: Mat Jones