Two Worlds digital toolbox

When relationships end and parents separate

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Communication tool for families experiencing separation

When parents separate, children are often faced with the challenge of navigating two very different worlds.

Parents themselves experience upheaval and face the challenges of creating a new normal for themselves and their children.

Two Worlds is a resource developed for children and adults experiencing separation and change. This set features 48 individual watercolour images and a 44 page booklet with useful suggestions that enable users to open up about the physical, emotional, social, cognitive, cultural, and spiritual experience of their situation.

Designed by skilled separation counsellors and child and family workers, Two Worlds is a unique resource for building healing conversations with children and adults experiencing separation, or those undergoing significant transitions and life changes.

Two Worlds is an essential resource in family support, out-of-home care and family relationship centres. The toolkit can be used flexibly, informally and easily, and is suitable across cultures and life experiences.


Suitable for:

Additional resources:

Navigating Two Worlds: Christmas for Separated Families

The Worlds in Which We Live

From Here to There…(Simple is best)

Written and co-published by Anglicare Diocese of Sydney and Innovative Resources
48 digital cards and booklet

ISBN: 978-1-920945-10-7
Illlustrator: Carolyn Marrone
Designer: Mat Jones

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Stories and Reviews

Two Worlds and separation

‘[A child I was counselling] used the Two Worlds cards and made a collage on the floor of what it’s currently like at Mum’s—on the other side, at Dad’s.  Underneath he put cards that reflected his hopes to share with Mum and the hopes to share with Dad.  He learnt SO much by externalising.’

Julie Wilkins, school counsellor

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