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The Bears Tactile Characters

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Due for release May 2017!

Introducing five delightful tactile characters from the famous card set for talking about feelings: The Bears. Standing at 100mm, use these happy, sad, surprised, anxious, cheerful, angry, shy, puzzled, proud, scared, playful, relaxed (and more!) bears with children, young people or adults.

Sometimes it can be hard to recognise and talk about our feelings. Yet therapists, counsellors, social workers, teachers, and parents—especially those who work therapeutically with others—know how important feelings and body signals are. Open a pack of The Bears tactile characters. Touch them, move them around, tell stories with them, name their feelings, notice their body signals—and help build emotional intelligence in children and adults alike.


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*Note* Bears pictured are concept images, the finished figures will have slight colour adjustments.