Stones …have feelings too! STICKERS

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Expressing feelings with stickers

Stones …have feelings too! is a resource that helps people discuss feelings in a fun and engaging way.

Stones …have feelings too! STICKERS features each of the 52 delightful stone characters, across 260 stickers that make up 5 complete sets. The characters all display different expressions to help people discuss feelings in a fun and engaging way.

Stones …have feelings too! STICKERS is a fantastic addition to the toolkit of counsellors, teachers, therapists, social workers.

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Published by Innovative Resources
5 complete sets on A4 backing sheets
260 stickers in total, each 50mm x 34mm

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Stories and Reviews

Revving up for fun and feelings in central New York 

Susan LaFever is an elementary school counselor at Norwich City School District in central New York, where she works with students from Pre-K to 2nd Grade. In the past few years Susan has purchased a number of Innovative Resources’ card sets at her own expense— ‘because they are awesome!’—and, boy, does she use them in some fabulously creative ways!

Susan recalls studying for her Play Therapy certification when she unexpectedly stumbled onto Innovative Resources. ‘I believe I found them when searching the internet,’ she muses, ‘[but it] has been a while since I started using your resources, so I’m not positive.’ At the time, she had been thinking of working in a hospital, ‘However, I decided I love the excitement of learning found in a school setting when working with children.’

So how does Susan use her cards? With sophisticated simplicity! ‘Each year I use one of the card packets as my “theme” and design at least one opening activity to accompany the cards.’ That opening activity is used with students and their caregivers when they meet the school counselor for the first time. In 2013, she picked Stones … have feelings too! and developed an activity for children in changing families. ‘Students used the Stones stickers to create family portraits illustrating their homes,’ including their multiple homes in the case of children staying at different family residences.

Susan encouraged the students to use the Stones cards to share their feelings in a safe and caring way. ‘After a few sessions, students know to come right into my room and point to the card showing how they are feeling, then describe what is going on [in relation] to the feeling they choose’. With her added interest in Sand Play Therapy, Susan quickly spotted that the stones also ‘lend themselves naturally to creating “zen” type sand trays,’ which she used as a closing activity.

This year, the Cars ‘R’ Us cards have been colourfully displayed in Susan’s office (‘my roads started on the wall!’) and she has also been using The Bears. Students made feelings books using The Bears as their starting point, while other activities have been developed using Strength Cards for Kids.