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Double the fun! Now with 10 full sets – that’s 480 individual stickers! 

You’ve seen them on our parcels and they’re beloved by people everywhere. They’re The Bear stickers and they are perfect for letting everyone know how you’re feeling. Forget word-based surveys and scales of 1 to 10; make evaluation fun by inviting clients or students to show what they think with a sticker. You might have to bear with some very honest responses…

Also available The Bears card set and The Bears Tactile Characters



Published by Innovative Resources, 2010
10 complete sets on A4 backing sheets
480 stickers in total, each sticker 29mm x 41mm

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Stories and Reviews

I have been meaning to share a story with you about a creative use of The Bears stickers by an 8 year old girl, Jess.

During our last school holiday program in Eaglehawk, we ran an afternoon of activities with about 40 local kids. One of the activities involved drawing pictures of ourselves and decorating the pictures, including by using The Bears stickers. Another activity was making fridge magnets using pegs.

Jess, quite independently, decided to make her own magnet design, and stuck the stickers on the magnets, cutting the magnets to match the size of the stickers. She then proceeded to give a magnet to every person in the group, asking them to select the one they most liked.

So, it is quite possible that there are quite a lot of fridges in the Eaglehawk neighbourhood adorned with Bears sticker magnets!

I thought this was quite beautiful, demonstrating her creativity and generosity.

So, if you ever decide to produce magnets, royalties to Jess from Eaglehawk!!!


Julie Cairns, Program Manager
Community Capacity Building Team, St Luke’s Anglicare (Victoria, Australia)