Strength Cards® STICKERS

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Sticker fun with strengths

Strength Cards® is a beloved resource and hands-on conversation-building tool for people of any age.

Strength Cards® STICKERS  feature all the 54 beautifully illustrated playful animals in various emotional states across the 270 stickers that make up 5 complete sets.

Strength Cards® STICKERS can be used by family workers, teachers, counsellors, trainers and parents to encourage people to find solutions, achieve goals, enhance self-esteem and build strengths.

For more information on the Strength Cards® please visit Strengths Cards®

Published by Innovative Resources
5 complete sets of stickers on A4 backing sheets
270 stickers in total; each sticker 50mm x 38mm

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Stories and Reviews

Strengths in the Accounts Department   

I used to work for the Seventh Day Adventist Church in their Regional Office for New Zealand and the Pacific. They held worship every morning and when it was my turn to lead, I tried to make worship as imaginative as possible. On this particular day I decided to use the Strength Cards and their stickers. However, only the Accounts Department staff showed up. These were the people who locked their office at 4pm and provided no service after that time, the type who insisted on a receipt for every $2. Flexibility is not their strength. I was sure that I had chosen the wrong activity for this difficult crowd. But with no time to change, I pushed forward, laid out the Strength Cards and began to play, holding my breath…

As we went round the circle, they named each other’s strengths and then gave stickers with kindness and love. Behind those doors was a group of people who functioned as a team and respected each other. The stickers didn’t show them their strengths—they already knew how much they appreciated each other—but the stickers showed me.

That was six years ago. The stickers are still on their computers. It taught me that a conversation about strengths is for absolutely everyone, and the stickers are great memories of awesome conversations that people hold onto …for years and years!

– Kylie Ward, Leadership Coach, Sycamore Lane, NSW