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 soon 90SOON Issue 90, July 2016

This issue focuses on Social Inclusion and if we look at Clients as Contributors, and Cases as People, how might we work differently. We celebrate NAIDOC week and share replies to two questions. ‘What inspires you about aboriginal cultures?’ and ‘If you could send a message to all Australians about Aboriginal cultures, what would it be?’

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SOON Issue 89, June 2016soon 89

Introducing our new PaperWorks tools, this issue of SOON is a bumper. We interview Andrew Shirres on ‘Discovering your top 8’ (a great  way to get your organisation to reflect and build on practice). We share our reflections on the importance of Play Groups in enabling social inclusion, and ask for your ideas on ‘Able to…’ cards to add to our Reflexions set.

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 SOON Issue 88, May 2016SOON88

Reflect on Practice as we bring to you as series of articles around strengths-based practice, and how others have embraced strengths-based  work. We also thank Caitlyn Lehmann as she signs off as editor of SOON.

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 Issue-87SOON Issue 87, April 2016

Sniff the breeze and let loose a balloon in this month’s youth-themed SOON! Learn how Paul Graham is harnessing life’s big questions to promote the reflective capacities of young people. Plus, read our tips for enlisting strengths in the fight against type 2 diabetes among children and their families. Feeling bookish? There are bargains for children, parents and youth workers in the Innovative Resources book sale. So shake out your hair and swing your legs in the water—it’s thoughtful, it’s youthful, it’s SOON!

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Issue-86SOON Issue 86, March 2016

Have a bear hug with SOON! In our March issue, embrace the world of police crisis counselling through a special interview with US-based therapist Matthew Ford.  Squeeze new possibilities from your card sets by pairing them for extra creative, conversational magic. Plus, make room for group hugs with our one-month discount on Strengths in Circles. And save the date for a snuggle-up in Bendigo—check out the consecutive workshops offer in this cosy ‘n’ cuddleable SOON!

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Issue-85SOON Issue 85, February 2016

Lift off with February’s SOON! In this issue, we focus the telescope on New Zealand, where a unique program is using our resources with workers from across the Pacific. Want to create rich conversations about choices, body messages and feelings? Then hitch a ride with the moody motors of Cars ‘R’ Us, at the special price of $49.50. Plus, explore the fun and therapeutic power of the oh-so versatile Words cards, and share a passion for planning savvy supervision!

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Issue-84SOON Issue 84, December 2015

It’s out with the antlers and on with baubles! In December’s SOON, discover the power of messages in bottles in our special report on events that unexpectedly followed October’s Literary Therapist workshop. Hear how a couple of old social work pals and a flash of inspiration produced Walking the Boundaries. Plus, the Vatican gets ecoLogical and there’s a giveaway for the creative writers among you. It’s SOON with a cheer for the end of the year!

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Issue-83SOON Issue 83, November 2015

Is it a whale? Is it a submarine? No, it’s SOON speeding at you from the depths! In the November issue, meet the creative team behind the Positive Parenting Cards, and explore starting points for some fascinating conversations in our Walking the Boundaries Ideas Bank. Plus, training facilitator Andrew Shirres shares a creative take on the dramatic Ups and Downs ‘shark’ card. Hold on to your holy mackerels—by jaws, surf’s up in SOON!

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Issue-82SOON Issue 82, October 2015

It’s a magical October issue of SOON—try kissing the frog on the cover! This month we’re with students of all kinds as we celebrate everyday learning with the Sometimes Magic cards. Peep over the shoulders of university students to watch Innovative Resources’ cards in action, and enjoy an alchemical anecdote about Note to Self. Grab your wands and textbooks, and don’t forget our disclaimer: ‘Results may vary. Kiss frogs at own risk.’

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Issue-81SOON Issue 81, September 2015

Metaphors and mirrors, symbols and circles—we’re making the abstract personal in September’s SOON! In this issue, explore ways to chart personal growth with the leafy Growing Well, and get spiraling with excitement for Strengths in Circles, an important new resource for schools. Plus, discover the surprising story of what a cloud became in Sue Roffey’s reflections on Symbols.

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Issue-80SOON Issue 80, August 2015

Take a walk on the wild side with August’s SOON! In this issue, travel to Mongolia where The Bears have been gambolling on the steppes in aid of mental health. Find inspiration from nature with our regular Ideas Bank featuring The Nature of Strengths. Plus, shake your maracas and release your inner artist as Captain Grumpy sails into Adelaide to help a flourishing art therapy program!

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Issue-79SOON Issue 79, July 2015

It’s time to streeeetch your streeengths! In July’s SOON, meet Edna Reinhardt, the author of Creative Yoga for Teenagers and a skilful teacher of yoga and relaxation for young people. Join the UK’s Judith Staff for a story on PB with The Bears. Then get listing—put those strengths on paper! And help us match some wayward cards in a wild and wintry SOON giveaway…

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SOON EXTRA Issue 78.5, June 2015Issue-78-and-a-half

Stop the press, hold the front page! We’re squeezing out a bonus edition of SOON before End of Financial Year! The reason? Well, there’s a couple of things we thought you ought to know about, including a brand new ‘Latest Releases Value Pack’.

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Issue-78SOON Issue 78, June 2015

Does nature inspire you? Discover how natural history illustration inspired the recently released Nature of Strengths cards—and get ready for our most provocative resource yet, called Walking the Boundaries. Plus, take a look at uses for the Symbols cards. It’s a newsletter churning with ideas and inspiration for everyone!

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Issue-77SOON Issue 77, May 2015

In this month’s SOON meet Rachel Williams, a social scientist with CSIRO using the Picture This cards to capture community attitudes in Queensland’s Western Downs. Plus, get reacquainted with Reflexions, our classic street-style card set for families and young people. It’s also time for… the annual Mad May Sticker Sale (yes, it’s back!). And you’ll also find musings, workshops and more.

Download PDF of SOON May 2015


Issue-76SOON Issue 76, April 2015

In the April issue of SOON, read Nicole Rotaru’s moving account of team-building in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains. Plus, our ever-popular Stones …have feelings too! cards are the focus of this month’s Ideas Bank. And don’t forget to check our notices page for forthcoming workshops and more.

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Issue-75SOON Issue 75, March 2015

It’s no ordinary issue of SOON: it’s a USA & Canada Special Edition! Join as we feature the work of colleagues in New York, Texas and Ontario. Plus, have YOU downloaded the new Bears App yet? It’s the must-have digital companion for anyone who uses The Bears cards. And don’t forget to check your answers for last month’s giveaway, which really set flags aflutter!

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Issue-74SOON Issue 74, February 2015

Funky artspaces, university classrooms and staff toilets: they’re just some of the spaces where we’re making a splash in the February issue of SOON!

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Issue-73SOON Issue 73, December 2014

It’s this year’s final edition of SOON! Join us we bend the starlight to reveal inspiring stories and exciting developments ahead. Follow social worker Kaye Cameron to a school for young refugees in Malaysia and discover ideas for using the new Gender Fairness cards. Plus, meet a bunch of young Social Work graduates all set to make their mark in South East Asia. And… WE’RE MOVING! Look inside for details of our new address and advice regarding orders placed during December.

Download PDF of SOON December 2014


Issue-72SOON Issue 72, November 2014

Roll up, roll up! It’s the November edition of SOON and it’s a show-stopper! Be amazed by the careful juggling act behind the Gender Fairness cards. Discover how Symbols offered a safety net in a highwire counselling situation. There’s even a giveaway for a little audience participation! Plus, hear how we’ve kept the plates spinning in 2014 and join us for the trapeze act with our Strengths in Teams Ideas Bank!

Download PDF of SOON November 2014


Issue-71SOON Issue 71, October 2014

Venture to Zambia, eavesdrop on a conversation, solve a riddle and pre-order a long-awaited new card set. Oh, and cavort with some colourful dinosaurs too! There’s something for everyone in October’s SOON!

Download PDF of SOON October 2014


Issue-70SOON Issue 70, September 2014

Grab your suitcase, plump your bagpipes, hold onto your woolly mammoths, and shimmy into downtown Singapore! Welcome to September’s bustling issue of SOON!

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Issue-69SOON Issue 69, August 2014

It’s time to TWEAK! Our newest card set, Life Tweaking, is the focus of this month’s SOON. Plus, we have a remarkable story from Arnhem Land via Paris… and more!

Download PDF of SOON August 2014


Issue-68SOON Issue 68, July 2014

This ‘Angelic’ edition of SOON has something for everyone. Celebrate NAIDOC Week, discover the creativity behind a heart-warming card set, check out new workshops, and more!

Download PDF of SOON July 2014


Issue-67SOON Issue 67, June 2014

As the winter solstice approaches, it’s time to snuggle in for some fun with Innovative Resources! In our June issue of SOON, we profile Inside Out, our classic cards for journalling and creative writing—perfect for indoor activities in the cooler months. It’s also time to meet and greet the contenders of our inaugural Resource of the Year competition. Vote now for your chance to win! And hear how Strengths in Teams took a pirouette into the elite world of pas, pointes and pliés!

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Issue-66SOON Issue 66, May 2014

In the May edition of SOON we’re delighted to share a special story from South Sudan about the work of Mercy Beyond Borders. In our regular Ideas Bank feature, there are suggestions for using the Girltopia cards after we profiled the cards’ author, Jane Bennett, last month. Ooooh, we’re excited too, because… the MAD MAY STICKER SALE is on again. And if that’s not enough, it’s time to cast your vote for our inaugural Resource of the Year!

Download PDF of SOON May 2014


Issue-65SOON Issue 65, April 2014

There’s something for everyone in the April edition of SOON. In this month’s Ideas Bank, learn how to use the Vision for Supervision cards to make your experience of supervision enlightening and exciting. Plus, we chat with author Jane Bennett to get the backstory to the Girltopia cards. There’s also a funky fishy tale in store, a sneak peak, and details for two new workshops running in Melbourne during May.

Download PDF of SOON April 2014


Issue-64SOON Issue 64, March 2014

Get ready to celebrate International Women’s Day with the March issue of SOON! Discover how the Symbols cards are being used to train volunteers for a women’s helpline in Singapore. Read the moving account of an aid worker based in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains. Plus, there’s a preview of a brand new resource for supervision, and details of a free workshop for school health teachers and counsellors who work with girls.

Download PDF of SOON March 2014


Issue-63SOON Issue 63, January 2014

In the January issue of SOON we feature Talking ecoLogical—a unique new card set for having conversations about environmental sustainability in your workplace, community or family. Also, are you interested in a little horse therapy? It’s not just horsing around; it really is equine magic! Savour the beautiful pictures of encounters between horse and human in our article on team building and therapy sessions with horses.

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Issue-62SOON Issue 62, December 2013

It’s our final SOON for 2013 and there’s a bag of tricks in store! Add some sparkle to your Christmas with Storycatching, be inspired by a story from the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, and keep Christmas from coming apart with our wise tips for separated parents.

Download PDF of SOON December 2013


Issue-61SOON Issue 61, November 2013

In our November edition of SOON, we profile the digital release of an Innovative Resources’ classic: The Scaling Kit is now available on DVD! And you simply must read the evocative Green Among the Ashes by high school student Olivia Ormonde—her original, creative response to an image in the Shadows card set.

Download PDF of SOON November 2013