When we come to you

Inspire and be inspired
Challenge and be challenged
Celebrate and be celebrated

Do you:

  • Find that you retain more when you can practise what you have learned?
  • Looking for ways in which your team can develop together?
  • Recognise that your team needs training that is tailored to their specific needs?
  • See that your organisation has strengths that can be identified and celebrated?
  • Want everyone in your team, organisation or alliance to be on the same page?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then St Luke’s Innovative Resources’ In-Person training is for you.

Features of In-Person Training…

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The strengths your team brings

Facilitated to reflect strengths-based principles our in-person training seeks to draw upon, develop and celebrate the existing strengths (values, beliefs, experience, skills and knowledge) of everyone involved to create a vibrant, collaborative, shared learning environment.

 A practical way forward for your organisation

We come to you at a time that suits you and your team or organisations’ busy schedules. No need for expensive travel or accommodation bills for participants.

 Designed and ‘fit for purpose’ 

Your training can be designed to suit your team’s specific requirements.  Whether the participants work in education, counselling, child and family services, mental health or youth programs, you can be sure the training will reflect your organisation’s unique needs.

 No more siloes

Move forward together by learning together. Whether training is designed for your team, a number of programs or includes partner agencies you can be confident that everyone will know what you’re talking about.

 What to expect from in-person training

So, what can you and your organisation expect from training held at your place?

Well, it’s not always quiet. There will be discussion about what’s important, what we share and what we think. There will be deep thought, personal reflection, a challenge or two and maybe even some laughter. There’ll be hands-on activities, working in pairs and whole groups, the use of images and additional visual resources such as card sets and movies.

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We specialise in tailoring the content and duration of our in-person and online training to the needs of your organisation at—Your Place or Ours!

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We can design training to your needs or can also select from our growing range including, (but not limited to):

  •  Strengths Approach to Practice    (also available online)  

When people access their strengths, they feel empowered to find solutions.

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In this comprehensive and foundational course, you will:

  • discover the origins and principles of the strengths approach
  • learn what strengths are and how to help people identify and mobilise them
  • take away strategies and tools you can use immediately
  • explore power-over/power-with and the conditions for creating empowerment and change.
  • practice the column tool, reframing, scaling, reflective practice, solution-oriented conversation techniques and more
  • expand your professional skills and transform the way you work.

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  • Strengths Approach to Supervision  (also available online) 

Strengths-based supervision creates a dynamic partnership of reflection and learning, with benefits flowing directly to clients.

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In this course you will:

  • explore the principles, purpose and processes of strengths-based supervision
  • learn how to create supervision agreements using a sample template and other practical tools
  • examine key topics for supervision sessions including what’s working, where you are heading, strengths and resources, straight talk, ethical dilemmas and self-care
  • take away an expanded array of solution-focussed questions
  • understand the role of supervision in creating a culture of reflective practice and organisational health.

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  • Strengths Approach to Client-Centred Recording  (also available online)

What if recording the work with clients became an empowering part of the work?

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This short course includes:

  • traditional vs strengths-based records
  • the power dynamics: what’s included in a record, the ‘story’ it tells, and who owns it
  • tools for client-owned recording
  • setting up a collaborative agreement
  • context of statutory requirements.

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  • Strengths Approach to Challenging Conversations   (also available online)

This short course covers strengths-based strategies for navigating challenging conversations in human service work,

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  • what makes a conversation challenging
  • preparing for a challenging conversation
  • respect, transparency, location, timing, context and self-care
  • the empowerment quadrant and 8 steps of a strengths-based conversation
  • strategies for follow up.

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  • Tools of the Trade                                                          

Experiment with a myriad of ideas, activities and strengths-based tools for engaging with children, young people, adults, groups and communities.

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These workshops can be general in nature, or targeted for specialist groups and can include tools for:

  • building emotional vocabularies
  • identifying strengths
  • picturing the future, goal setting and defining next steps
  • therapeutic conversations with children, youth and adults
  • exploring issues, building conversations and  storytelling
  • developing practice, building teams and organisational culture
  • conversations about emotions, mental health and wellbeing.« Read Less


  • Team Building                                                                           

Do you want to build a culture within your team of ‘where to?’ rather than focussing on what is not working?

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This highly interactive workshop is an opportunity for your team to gather and explore the values that drive practice, foster a team approach to goal-setting and develop cultures of feedback, shared leadership and collaboration. Your workshop can include:

  • an exploration of individual, group and organisational strengths
  • exploring effective feedback
  • reflection upon the principle of reciprocity and shared leadership within team work
  • where to: working together to develop ideas
  • team-based self-care
  • considering your shared purpose—the connection between values and practice.« Read Less


  •  Walking the Boundaries                                                          

Working in human services can be complex, challenging, confusing and, at times, stressful.

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This workshop helps us to move beyond the ‘black and white’ and opens up ways in which the grey areas of practice can be accepted and celebrated. The workshop will:

  • normalise everyday grey areas of practice as something to embrace, not avoid
  • explore decision-making processes and why we make the choices we make
  • try out reflective practice techniques for understanding significant incidents and avoiding burnout.« Read Less


  •  Adventures in Facilitation                                                             

An engaging and participatory workshop with activities and ideas for enriching facilitated learning in teams, groups, classrooms, workshops and professional development activities.

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Learn and share strengths-based, solution-focused facilitation skills to enrich different groups and learning styles. The workshop will include:

  • exploration of the difference between training and facilitation
  • safe, confidence building, supported practice using a range of strengths-based facilitation techniques
  • participant-centred, interactive group-work activities including handling ragged starts, facilitating introductions , energisers, co-facilitating, dealing with challenging behaviours, incorporating feedback and more
  • a comprehensive set of facilitation activity notes to take away.« Read Less


  • Self-Care                                                                                    

Make self-care a part of your practice, not just an afterthought.

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Explore techniques and tools for developing conversations about self-care that can help individuals, teams and organisations not simply survive, but thrive. Your workshop can include:

  • the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of developing a self-care plan
  • understanding warning signs and vicarious trauma
  • ‘doing’ self-care while at work
  • how a team approach to self-care works
  • values, purpose and tools for self-care.« Read Less