Anywhere, anytime 

  • Want to learn at your own pace—anywhere, anytime?
  • Can’t attend training in person?
  • Like to have time to absorb information and ideas?
  • Prefer to learn in a quiet, reflective space on your own?
  • Like to learn by reading, watching videos and doing exercises?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then Innovative Resources’ online training is for you.

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All the same great content as the in-person training

All the content in the online training is based on the best materials from our in-person training which has been finely honed over twenty years by our highly skilled and experienced practice development coaches. The courses have been designed to make sure we cover all the key concepts, ideas and practice approaches fundamental to the strengths approach.

Fits around your life

For many of us, life is busy! Online training can be done anywhere, anytime. You can stop whenever you want, then simply pick up where you left off when it suits you. You can go back and revise previous sections that you found of particular value or interest as well.

We all learn differently

Some people prefer to learn in a quiet place, some people prefer to listen to music while they learn. Some people like to learn in small bitesize chunks and some people like to swallow everything in one mouthful. Online learning enables you to learn in your own way.

Beautiful, engaging and easy-to-use

All the online courses include a range of engaging images from our card sets, as well as videos and exercises. They have been designed to be visually inspiring, intellectually stimulating and very easy to navigate.« Read Less